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 Recently, Ultimate Restoration, a company that offers high-quality water, fire, and mold restoration services, was able to help a client experiencing water damage issues. We were able to sit down with the homeowner, Jake, for a post-project restoration interview. Let’s take it over to Jake!


Ultimate Restoration: What was the original issue that led you to contact Ultimate Restoration?

Jake: We originally called Johnny [Ultimate Restoration’s senior technician] because we discovered that in our basement we were having a little bit of water seepage coming through our closets in our finished basement and we had no idea what it was and, really, no idea where to begin.


Ultimate Restoration: When they first arrived on site, how long did it take them to assess the situation and get to work?

Jake: The thing that struck me and stood out to us was how seriously [Johnny] took our issue. He put himself in our shoes right off the bat and understood that this is a crisis in one hand, like having water come through our house and my wife and I were all upset about it. We knew it was going to cost a lot of money we didn’t have and Johnny just put us at ease right off the bat.


Ultimate Restoration: Was there anything that really stood out to you about Ultimate Restoration’s approach to the project?

Jake: There were a couple instances where Johnny said, “You know, I don’t do this with everyone, but I’m going to recommend we pull in an air hygienist and a couple different contractors to come in and assess the situation. And thank goodness he did that! Because the air hygienist he engaged found that we had mold actually not just in the basement but on all three levels, all throughout our house, all at, like, catastrophic, “you need to move your family out NOW” levels. And so Johnny and team were able to find that, put a plan together on how to remediate and then also put forward some solutions to make sure it never comes back again. So I feel like we not only got rid of the mold that was coming in through the basement, but we also found out that we weren’t running our air conditioner unit enough. I didn’t know that part of an air conditioner’s job is to take the moisture out of the air. So if you’re not running it enough in the summertime by keeping your thermostat down, then the [indoor] humidity levels rise and when the humidity’s up, that’s when you get mold. So that’s what caused the mold throughout the house. We would never have found that if Johnny hadn’t told us to look in that way.


Ultimate Restoration: Was there anything that surprised or impressed you about the handling of your mold and water damage issues?

Jake: Johnny and the team came by weekends. They stayed late on weekdays. He was on speed dial for me. He was in contact with me pretty much every day. Sometimes I’d call him, but sometimes he would call me with updates.


Ultimate Restoration: It sounds like Johnny did a good job keeping you apprised and up to date. Would you and your family recommend Ultimate Restoration to others?

Jake: The communication and his desire to put his customers who are going through a crisis at ease would make me recommend him, and my wife too! We’d recommend him to anyone.


At Ultimate Restoration, our clients in the 704 can expect to work with professionals who are highly trained and experienced. All of our technicians are certified by the Institute for Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). They’re well-versed in the specifics involved in fire and water recovery and restoration. 

Whether you’re in 28210, 28217, in the Charlotte metro area or beyond, Ultimate Restoration is here to help with your Charlotte mold removal, fire, water, storm or crisis and disaster repairs and restoration. 

Please visit our website at; call us at (866) 207-3786; or to learn more about our services and mold removal and remediation, check out the FAQs below!


Frequently Asked Questions about Charlotte Mold Removal


Ultimate Restoration is dedicated to giving you the best possible service and peace of mind when you have a disaster or need repairs and restoration, starting with answering your questions with the honest, accurate information you need to make an informed decision about your issue!


Question: How can I tell if my house has mold? –Jacques, Charlotte, NC

Answer: The most obvious sign is black, dark green or mottled orange discoloration on walls, ceilings or floors. The problem is, by the time you see visible mold growth, it has likely already spread far beyond the point where simply spraying mold killer on that one area and forgetting about it is a solution. At this point, you need to engage mold remediation experts. Experts warn that common warning signs of mold in your home usually occur far in advance of actually seeing it and can include:

  • A musty or unpleasant odor, no matter how thoroughly or frequently you clean your house
  • Unexplained or unusually intense allergic reactions, especially outside traditional allergy season
  • Symptoms of breathing issues such as wheezing, sneezing and coughing
  • Increased or unusual irritability or agitation when other possible causes are controlled for
  • Headaches
  • Increased susceptibility to illness, especially respiratory infections, which is particularly alarming given the SARS 2-COVID-19 pandemic
  • An unusual surge in doctor visits because of these symptoms

If you or someone in your home or business is exhibiting these symptoms, especially a child, elder or someone with a weakened immune system, having the area checked for mold is an effective way to verify whether black mold is the issue and determine how extensive the issue is. If mold isn’t present and you notice these symptoms, there is another problem which needs to be identified and addressed quickly!


Question: What causes mold in a crawl space or attic? –Melinda, Charlotte, NC

Answer: Mold can infiltrate a home through water droplets in the air or plumbing. Because mold puts out spores as part of its growth cycle, it can propagate very quickly. But why the attic, basement and crawl space specifically?

The answer lies in hydrodynamics and thermodynamics. Water is heavier than air and always seeks the lowest possible level, which is why it flows downward. Warm, moisture-laden air rises upward, while cool, dry air is denser and thus is pulled down. However, even the driest air contains some amount of moisture. This principle is the basis behind solar stills, which are used to extract drinking water from the air in desert climates. 

As the warm, moist air rises and is pulled and pushed through the ductwork, some of the water droplets in the air are deposited on the surfaces it encounters, and mold spores are carried along on the droplets to take root and start spreading more mold. 

Because crawl spaces, basements and attics are common locations for HVAC equipment, water heaters and appliance water lines to run, mold tends to grow there more intensely, because of the darkness and the warm, moist conditions. If you notice a leak in your crawlspace or attic, you should have it repaired and the area tested for mold infiltration as quickly as possible. Mold growth can be retarded or halted entirely with proper mold removal procedures to get it out and keep it from coming back, and the application of visqueen or aquadry vapor barriers in a process known as encapsulation, which help to prevent water and mold from getting into or out of the space.


Question: Can mold in your house make you sick? –Justin, Charlotte, NC

Answer: Yes, it absolutely can. Experts peg mold as one of the top five indoor air quality issues, along with allergens, cleaning products, pet dander and microbes. Illnesses due to mold infestation are very common, especially in newborns, toddlers, elderly and immunocompromised people. Prolonged exposure to mold spores can also cause psychological problems, irrational bursts of irritation or anger, breathing difficulties and other issues. The problem is, many people assume it’s allergies to pet dander, pollen, dust or other irritants and never even consider they could have a mold problem until they start noticing patches of mold growth. A mold inspection and if necessary engaging the services of a qualified mold removal contractor in the Charlotte, NC area can help eliminate mold as a possible culprit or give you the information you need to get the mold safely out of your home or business and away from the people who matter to you!


Question: When should mold inspection and testing be considered? –Willie, Charlotte, NC

Answer: It’s always a good idea to have mold inspection done as part of the home buying process. Some jurisdictions require this inspection for occupancy certification, while others do not. We also recommend you have your home checked for mold:

  • When you install a new HVAC unit or water heater
  • After a water emergency, no matter how minor it may seem
  • If you notice unusual illness or behavior
  • And of course, if you see discoloration on walls, ceilings or floors

As with any other issue, it’s always easier to deal with a mold problem if you can catch it early, before it has a chance to spread. 

When the mold has had time to grow, infiltrate and spread throughout the home or building, the Charlotte mold remediation process can be much more time-consuming and expensive and may even require the premises be vacated while the remediation is carried out! 

Most homeowners’ insurance will cover the cost of a mold inspection on an annual or semiannual basis, so be sure to check with your carrier to find out whether your policy includes this important service.


Question: Is a mold evaluation necessary with home inspection? –Fritz, Charlotte, NC

Answer: Yes. Many jurisdictions require a mold inspection and evaluation as part of the occupancy certification process to ensure the space is up to code and safe for habitation. However, even in jurisdictions which don’t require it, it’s always a good idea to insist on a mold evaluation as a part of the home inspection. Typically, the seller would bear the cost of the mold inspection, as they do the home inspection in general. When you’re applying to move into a residential or commercial rental unit, you should ask the leasing office or landlord when the last mold inspection was performed and for a copy of the results. If they refuse, you should consider looking elsewhere, because if they don’t keep up on their mold inspections, what else might they be lax about maintaining?


Question: Why should I get a mold inspection if I already know my home has a mold problem? –Taylor, Charlotte, NC

Answer: It does seem like closing the barn door after the horses have run away, doesn’t it? But the fact is, a mold inspection does a lot more than just confirm you have a mold problem. It also helps determine the types of mold in play, the extent of the infiltration and the type and intensity of mold removal which will be necessary to restore the space to the safe, healthy environment you and your loved ones deserve. And, as all reputable mold removal companies in Charlotte will tell you, knowing the extent of the problem is the first step to solving it!


Question: How well does black mold grow in the Charlotte area and the Carolinas in general? –Kendall, Charlotte, NC

Answer: Because Charlotte, North Carolina has a relatively mild and moist climate with hot summers and moderately cool winters, mold of all sorts is a common problem here and across the Carolinas. The problem is frequently exacerbated by not running heating and cooling systems enough to help dry out the air and filter out contaminants and allergens such as mold spores, or ignoring small leaks and drips from pipes, faucets and water connections. Charlotte’s climate provides prime growth conditions for mold, especially in moist, dark places, which makes it even more important to be diligent about troubleshooting and home maintenance such as having your ducts cleaned and filters changed regularly, as this is often the first line of defense against mold growth and illness.   


Question: Can black mold grow under drywall? –Scott, Charlotte, NC

Answer: Mold is very tenacious and can grow just about anywhere it has the right growing conditions: plenty of moisture, not much light and some warmth. It can even grow on concrete and wood, and below carpet and tile! While modern drywall and insulation are usually treated with chemicals or backed with a vapor barrier which is designed to retard mold growth, these treatments were never designed to stand up to a heavy mold infestation on their own. If you notice moisture which seems to be coming from behind your walls, you need to have a mold test performed quickly!


Question: What’s the difference between mold removal and mold remediation? –Noori, Charlotte, NC

Answer: There really isn’t one. The goal in both cases is to eliminate the mold growth and ensure it doesn’t come back. Usually when you hear Charlotte’s mold remediation contractors talking about mold remediation, they’ve managed to catch a small infestation before it got out of control. Mold removal is commonly used when the mold has spread to multiple areas of a home or business and requires more intensive treatment. However, for practical purposes, mold remediation and mold removal describe the same process and arrive at the same outcome; the only real difference is the scale and techniques required to remove the mold.


Question: Are there different protocols for water, fire and mold damage restoration? –Luz, Charlotte, NC

Answer: Most definitely. Fire damage often includes smoke, water and burn damage from both the blaze itself and extinguishing it. Water damage is often accompanied by mold damage. Any of these can undermine the safety and inhabitability of a structure, cause illness and in extreme cases make the structure unfit for human habitation. When contracting Charlotte restoration experts, it’s important to make sure they have expertise and experience in the sort of damage you have, whether it’s storm damage to your roof, flood damage from a swollen creek or mold damage. Ask for references and check them out through online sources like Angie’s List, the Better Business Bureau and Yelp! Of course, if you want to save time and ensure the job’s done right the first time, every time, just call Ultimate Restoration for all your restoration and repair needs!


Question: Is there anything I need to check for once my mold removal service is done working? –Ernst, Charlotte, NC

Answer: Charlotte’s reputable mold removal specialists will give you regular updates, before and after photos and frequent walkthroughs from the start of the project until the last drop of paint dries. This helps make sure you understand what is being done, how and why it’s necessary, so there shouldn’t be any surprises at the end of the project or need for you to do follow-up checks. When your Charlotte mold remediation company is done with your home, it should look like there was never an issue at all. The air should smell fresh and clean. The environment should just feel better, more comfortable and welcoming, even if you can’t quite put your finger on the difference. If your contractor didn’t leave your home or office looking like it started and feeling better than it began, give Ultimate Restoration a call and let us show you what you should expect from your restoration professionals!


Question: Is mold removal one of Ultimate Restoration’s specialties? –Brunhilde, Charlotte, NC

Answer: Absolutely! Ultimate Restoration is Charlotte’s trusted contractor for repairs and restoration of all kinds, no matter the cause or the size of the project. Our services include everything from simple inspections to full-blown renovations and disaster cleanup and repair. These are just some of the services we offer to our clients and friends in Charlotte and surrounding areas!

         Ultimate Restoration serves our clients in the Charlotte metro area with a wide menu of professional offerings, including but not limited to:


  • air duct cleaning
  • air quality testing 
  • building inspection
  • crawl space encapsulation
  • crisis and damage cleanup
  • Decontamination services
  • dryer vents cleaned
  • fire damage restoration
  • foundation repair
  • gutter cleaning
  • house cleaning
  • mold inspection
  • mold remediation
  • mold removal
  • mold testing
  • odor removal
  • painting
  • roofing
  • smoke damage
  • storm damage restoration
  • sump pump
  • waterproofing installation
  • wood cleaning, repair and restoration
  • and much, much more!
When you need mold removal Charlotte relies on, or any other restoration or repair services, contact Ultimate Restoration! 

Our fast, friendly, experienced technicians offer emergency response and real knowledge and expertise to get your home back to the safe haven you and your family deserve and expect. We also work with most major insurance carriers to make sure you get your money’s worth from your homeowners’ insurance premiums and deductibles, so you don’t have to worry about the cost of restoration and can focus on what really matters: taking care of your family. For more information, or to find out how quick and easy a mold inspection for your home or business can be, click here to contact us today!



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