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When Suzette noticed mold starting to grow in her bathroom, she knew right away she had a big problem in store if she didn’t get mold remediation and water damage cleanup in Gastonia NC, fast! So she called Ultimate Restoration to help. 

Our knowledgeable, professional, friendly two-man emergency response crew headed out to assess the water and mold damage, figure out where it was coming from and how to stop it, and start the restoration process.

The source of the water damage proved to be a leaking pipe in the wall between the bathroom and laundry room, providing water which fueled the mold growth that Suzette first identified as a problem. Obviously, the first step in getting the water damage emergency restoration and cleanup started was to fix the leaking pipe, which required bringing in a plumber and tearing out the damaged and contaminated areas of the wall. Once the plumber was done and the leak secured, the mold removal process could begin.

We started with water extraction and water removal protocols because water cleanup is almost always the first step in controlling mold. Without water, like most living organisms on earth, mold can’t survive, let alone grow, so emergency water damage cleanup is the obvious place to start. Once the affected areas had been dried back and the mold-infected sections removed, we could begin the main water restoration work, including carpet cleaning, installing new wall materials, and painting and papering the area.

Suzette made a very wise choice to call Ultimate Restoration for emergency water damage restoration Gastonia and the surrounding area trust, the moment she first noticed the mold growth on her walls. 

Our certified technicians were able to respond quickly and start emergency cleanup protocols immediately, saving time and risk for Suzette and her family. The total time from first arrival to the final drive-off was about two weeks and the total bill came to around $9,000. This may sound like a lot, but if she’d waited to contact us, the problem might have been much more expensive to correct. Even better, she was able to take advantage of Ultimate Restoration’s easy financing, which helped to take the sticker shock out of the project and let her, and us, focus on getting her home and life back to normal!

Ultimate Restoration is pleased to be the premier source for North Carolina water damage repairs and restoration in Gastonia NC, Gaston County, and the greater Charlotte metro area. 

We offer residential and commercial emergency services day and night, including:

Air duct cleaning

Biohazard cleanup

Disaster restoration

Fire damage restoration

Flood damage cleanup

Hardwood floor water damage

Pest control

Sewage cleanup

Smoke damage restoration

Storm damage repair

Vandalism repairs

And much more!

To find out more about Ultimate Restoration’s complete suite of services, or to contact us for every cleaning and restoration need from a small appliance leak to a major disaster and flood cleanup, click here to contact us

And to learn more about how we can help with home and business properties damaged by fire-water-smoke-mold and other issues, stay on this page and check out our answers to frequently asked questions about water damage repair from folks across the Charlotte metro area just like you!


Frequently Asked Questions About Water Damage Repair


Ultimate Restoration is proud to be the solution for emergency fire and water damage Gastonia and the whole Charlotte area can count on for fast service and great results!


Question: How do I know it’s time to think about repairing water damage in my basement? –Alexei, Gastonia, NC

Answer: We get that it can be tempting to see a small leak in your kitchen, bathroom, crawl space or attic, avoid thinking about it and just try to wish it away. After all, a tiny little leak can’t do that much harm, right? But here’s the problem: 

If you’re seeing signs of a little liquid damage, you can bet there’s a lot more on the way if the issue isn’t dealt with! 

What’s worse is that in addition to the obvious problems such as warping of hardwood floors, ceiling discoloration and moisture damage to upholstered furniture, this water creates a convenient environment for pests like ants and cockroaches and biohazards like black mold to flourish, thrive and grow—in YOUR home! It’s always better to tackle the problem immediately and make stopping it a priority before it becomes severe, because it’s much less time-consuming and expensive to repair water damage and do a simple replacement on a section of plumbing that’s leaking and a board or two than to have to completely tear out and redo the walls, ceilings and floors in your home or office. If you see ANY amount of water where there shouldn’t be any, you need to see about getting cleaning and restoration experts who provide water damage repair right away, so your small leak doesn’t become a massive headache!


Question: People keep telling me my pipes might freeze, and that’s bad. Is this true, and why? –Gilbert, Dallas, NC

Pipes aren’t self-healing at any time, and this holds especially true if you’re talking about a frozen pipe because water expands when it freezes. As the pipe freezes, the ice inside it forms a plug that stops water from flowing the way it should and causing pressure to build up within the pipe. 

This means a frozen pipe can very quickly become a burst pipe, particularly when the pipe already has an existing leak. 

When that happens, you’re not just having to fix water damage, but now you’re talking about major flood restoration. It is almost always easier and more cost-effective to prevent water damage repairs before they get started. One key example of this is to repair damaged pipes and get damaged sections replaced at the first sign of a problem rather than having to go through the restoring process when—not if—the pipes give way.


Question: Can household appliances cause water damage? –Stella, Gastonia, NC

Answer: Any household appliance or fitting that uses water in any way, from your washing machine to your water heater to your HVAC unit and kitchen sink, from attic to crawl space, can lead to water damage. In fact, the leading cause of these appliances causing water damage is water leaking from places it should be to places it shouldn’t. A malfunctioning sump pump can lead to sewage backups while leaking faucets, fittings, pipes and hoses can cause repetitive water damage Gastonia residents (and others) definitely don’t need! Even an electrical air conditioner generates condensation, and if the catch pan overfills, it can spill over, causing additional damage. This standing water source can form a breeding ground for bacteria, molds, fungi, and other unpleasant contaminants and critters you probably don’t want to cohabit with you. And of course, when water and electricity meet “in the wild,” it’s never a good thing—exposed or improperly insulated wires and water coming together, even in machines where they’re designed to do so, are a major risk factor for fires and related damages, such as smoke and liquid damaged furniture, clothing, and keepsakes. For this reason, it’s very important to make sure you act quickly and contact a properly trained and certified technician for the type of machine or appliance you’re dealing with at the first sign of a problem. It may be much more expensive than you realize not to!


Question: My business was recently caught in flooding due to heavy rains and there’s water damage to the carpets on the basement and first floor, but I’ve got lots of fans. Can’t I just use those to dry things out? –Sean, Rock Hill, NC

Answer: Almost no restoration companies are going to recommend you try using regular air circulating fans to try to keep your water damage repair and damage restoration cost down. This is because most fans designed for ventilation or air circulation use vary in their abilities, but simply don’t have enough power to be great at drying back saturated water-damaged areas. They’re either too small, too light, or too underpowered to be able to move the volume of air that’s needed at the velocity required to ensure the area is properly dried before the water can soak in and infiltrate into ceilings, walls, and floors within the structure. If you do have industrial fans of the type you need, bear in mind it takes anywhere from 24 hours to three days or more to finish the dry back process, and every minute your carpets and furnishings are exposed to water, the more likely it is that these items will have to be replaced. Remember, even the best service that provides restoration after fires, floods, storms, and other disasters has its limits—and while renewing restoration to “like it never happened” status is always the goal, the actions and decision-making process of the home or business owner in the immediate aftermath of the disaster affect the average outcome and pulling back more of the property damaged by water drastically. 

To increase your odds of getting the best possible results, contact Ultimate Restoration right away

When you do, be sure to describe as precisely as you can where the damage is located and when it started; how it happened; and the layout of the affected areas and any areas around them, including whether they’re carpeted, if the walls have paint or paper on them, and whether more water is coming into the area. This data can help us make sure you get the best possible customer care, implementing the right solutions and measures to make your water restoration project go as smoothly and easily as possible!


Question: Can I do my own water damage repairs after a disaster? –JoJo, Gastonia, NC

Answer: It’s natural to want to keep your costs down as much as you possibly can in the aftermath of a disaster and try to repair water damage yourself. However, unless you’ve got serious handyman skills, are knowledgeable about construction code compliance, and are licensed by the state of North Carolina in repairing water damage, it’s also a singularly bad idea. Most people who need our services are highly unlikely to have access to all the tools, equipment, and materials they’ll need to cover all their water damage repair needs, let alone all the adjunct skills required to restore and repair water damaged structural elements and possessions as fully as possible. More importantly, you should also take into account that apart from local, county, and state jurisdictions and building departments getting involved, there’s a very strong chance that your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance won’t touch your claim or even go near it, which means they won’t cover your repairs. This risks leaving you out thousands of dollars, forced to redo the entire job at your own expense with proper permitting for your jurisdiction, and marked down in your insurance carrier’s national accounts as someone who runs into projects without a thought for how to do it properly or safely. Adding insult to injury, this could mean a huge bump in your insurance premiums on your next statement, or even the need to sell your property because you no longer have the requisite coverage to keep it.

On the other hand, Ultimate Restoration has none of these limitations when we do water damage restoration. 

Our reputation for integrity, honesty and fairness at every step of our work makes it more likely that your insurance covers your expenses, now and in the future. From having your ducts cleaned to the last bit of caulk smoothed into place on a new bathroom sink, it’s far and away better to contact a company that you know offers quality restoration services in Gastonia—and who will do the job right the first time, every time!


Question: Is Ultimate Restoration only serving Gastonia or do you do restoration of Charlotte metro cities and towns beyond that? –Katelyn, Indian Trail, NC

Answer: Ultimate Restoration is proud to be serving Gastonia, southern Gaston County, and the entire Charlotte area, including:

  • Catawba
  • Charlotte
  • Cleveland
  • Dallas
  • Davidson
  • Denver
  • Fort Mill
  • Indian Trail
  • Lake Norman
  • Mint Hill
  • Mount Holly
  • Sherrills Ford
  • And much more!

If you don’t see your city, town, or village on this list, click here to view our list of satellite locations near you.

When disaster strikes, it can be an intensely emotional and stressful time. 

Let Ultimate Restoration make it better with the quality service and amazing results that have made us the premier water damage repair and restoration service in the Charlotte area. 

Our convenient financing and great pricing mean less worry and more time to focus on the things that really matter—while we work on getting your life back to normal as quickly and efficiently as possible To find out how easy it can be to get peace of mind when the worst happens, in the middle of the day or the dead of night, click here to contact us today!






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