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Emergency Water Damage Repair Huntersville Can Count On

If you’ve got free-running water, you’ve got the potential for a water damage emergency. A leaking pipe in the bathroom, burst pipes in the basement, flooding which reaches your floor, a sudden deluge in the crawl space under your house or another water emergency can all lead to extensive, long-lasting problems if they’re not managed correctly and promptly. When you have water damage, you need emergency water damage repair Huntersville, NC and the surrounding area can count on.

You need Ultimate Restoration for your Huntersville water damage restoration!

Ultimate Restoration moves fast to get your emergency under control, with a deep clean to help prevent potential hazards such as black mold growth, structural damage and destruction to your home’s furnishings. Our IICRC certified technicians offer comprehensive emergency response and crisis cleanup services for water and other disasters, including:

  • Fire and smoke damage repair
  • Fire damage restoration
  • Water damage cleanup and restoration
  • Flood cleanup
  • Sewage cleanup
  • Crime scene cleanup services
  • Mold remediation
  • Disinfection for homes or businesses
  • And much more!

From residential and commercial emergency water extraction to drying out an affected area to carpet cleaning and major repair operations, Ultimate Restoration services the Greater Lake Norman area with professional equipment, fast response and the knowledge and skills to fix the damage caused by a disaster and get your life back to normal as soon as possible.


If you’ve got water where it doesn’t need to be, you’ve got a chance for a water emergency!


Some restoration contractors may tell you a simple water extraction is all you need. Unfortunately, this is not usually accurate. Disaster mitigation often takes more than a few fans, a quick pass with a carpet cleaner, a little content cleaning and a fresh coat of paint. This is especially true when we’re discussing flood damage restoration. If you don’t get a deep clean and the underlying damage is not repaired, it could lead to fertile ground for the growth of black mold and other molds and fungi which can be really bad for humans and pets alike. Even worse, the damage could continue to grow, unseen and unnoticed, making your home or business a less safe place to be without you realizing it. This doesn’t even factor in damage to your possessions such as clothing, electronics, souvenirs, knickknacks and family heirlooms, some of which may be priceless and irreplaceable.

Don’t go it alone—get an expert contractor to handle your water damage restoration right the first time!

For 24-hour emergency water restoration service, contact Ultimate Restoration as your first call at 866-207-3786, and let us show you why we’re the Huntersville flood restoration contractor the 704 trusts. To learn more about us and our services, keep reading our FAQ about emergency water restoration!


Frequently Asked Questions About Emergency Water Damage Cleanup Huntersville

Question: Is water damage really an emergency? –Gloria, Mooresville, NC

Answer: The short, simple answer is, yes. Anytime you have water where water shouldn’t be, you have the potential for water damage. Now, this might not seem like a big thing if it’s just one little old drip under the sink—but when you have dark, dank places, you’ve got ideal conditions for molds and fungi to grow. Also, you may know a slow, steady drip of water can erode stone over time. It does the same to wood, and it does it a lot faster! This can lead to structural damage in your home and transform a simple leak fix into a major emergency restoration, especially if the leak has gone undetected for some time. But there’s more than one way for water to get into your home. Burst and leaking pipes are obvious, but what do you do for water mitigation after a house fire? Or a flood? When any of these happen, you need emergency water removal professionals who can get to work fast and repair the damage the right way the first time.


Question: How long does it take to repair water damage? –Arnie, Bessemer, NC

Answer: Truthfully, it just depends on the location and kind of damage, how much water was involved initially and other factors. It could take as little as an hour or two, or up to several weeks or even months if the damage is extensive enough. A couple of inches of water backed up in the basement is a whole different animal than if your basement is auditioning for a new role as an aquarium! Acting in a timely fashion can help keep the time and cost to effect the repairs lower, but there’s more to it. 

Do you just need “simple” emergency water removal using a specialized machine, or do you need more intensive water damage restoration services? 

How large is the damaged area? Is it just water damage that needs dealing with, or are mold remediation and repairing mold damage restoration necessary as well? If they are needed, how far has the mold spread or infiltrated? These are questions which can only be answered when we get onsite and can properly evaluate what emergency repairs are necessary and how big the area is we have to clean up.


Question: Can I restore water damage to my home myself? –Vincent, Charlotte, NC

Answer: While it is technically possible, we would highly recommend never, ever attempting this yourself! There’s a right way and many, many wrong ways to do water damage restoration Huntersville residents have learned the hard way. To make sure water damage cleanup is done right, you need special equipment, such as a way to remove water, industrial fans and dehumidifiers to pull moisture from the area and professional-grade carpet cleaning equipment. What if you need mold removal or mold restoration? Most homeowners are unlikely to have everything they need on hand to deal with that sort of problem safely. In many cases where they did try to do it themselves, they ended up missing things which made their living situations untenable in the long term. In some extreme cases, the houses affected were condemned! Ultimate Restoration is the Huntersville flood restoration expert of choice because we offer timely response, thorough emergency restoration and replacement as needed, a professional clean and most importantly, peace of mind that the job is being done properly and thoroughly. 

This is why Ultimate Restoration is the solution for water damage Huntersville NC knows and trusts.


Question: How much does it cost to do water restoration? –Terrence, Hickory, NC

Answer: Much like how long it will take, the cost of Huntersville water damage restoration depends on a number of factors. Some restoration companies will do a great job, but take a long time, which adds cost to the work. Some will do it fast, but may not necessarily cover all the bases the first time, which will save you some money on the front end but leave you having to call for more repairs in the future, which will cost more in the long run. At Ultimate Restoration, we’re committed to making sure your water damage restoration is done the right way the first time, every time, even if it takes a little longer. When we pack up and go after the job is done, we want to make absolutely sure your home or business is restored to like-new condition and safe for occupancy. We also work with your homeowners’ insurance company to file a claim for the work and document our progress for the insurance adjuster, to help keep the amount you have to pay as low as possible.


Question: How long does it take to do smoke damage repair in Huntersville, North Carolina? –Julia, Huntersville, NC

Answer: Smoke damage is one of the few types of damage which is actually more insidious than water in some ways. Smoke particles can infiltrate soft surfaces such as clothing, beds and carpets. They can also embed themselves in walls, ceilings and floors, causing your home to constantly smell a little smoky and lead to breathing problems, especially for people with asthma, COPD or long-term COVID-19 symptoms. Smoke damage repair requires specialized equipment, processes and knowing exactly what you’re doing to be done right and salvage as much as possible from the aftermath of a smoke or fire event. If done correctly, it could take a week or more if there’s no other damage to address. However, it’s still better than smelling smoke for years to come!


Question: How can I prevent water damage in my kitchen? –Sophia, Mecklenburg, NC

Answer: One of the best and easiest ways to prevent water damage is to inspect your plumbing regularly for signs of leakage or damage, using a flashlight and your clean, dry hands. Be sure to check the low points, because water always seeks the lowest possible level. Under your kitchen sink, this means the P-trap and other low spots in your piping. A tiny leak may not seem like much, but we’ve seen small leaks lead to big problems! If you don’t find a leak, wonderful! You probably don’t have much to worry about. You should also make sure your pipes are properly insulated and winterized, and it’s a good idea to turn them on just a little at night to help prevent freezing during the cold winter nights as well. While these simple steps can’t prevent every possible kind of water damage, they can help you identify problems early. If you do find a leak, please contact Ultimate Restoration so we can give you a quote and get any damage fixed fast and correctly!


Question: Why should I choose Ultimate Plumbing for my Huntersville water damage restoration? –Shelley, Paw Creek, NC

Answer: Ultimate Plumbing has years of experience dealing with emergency water damage repair and restoration. Our IICRC certified technicians take every job as seriously as if they were working on their own homes, and work hard to get the job done fast and right. We work with insurance carriers and insurance adjusters to make sure your home or business is put back to normal as fast as possible while making the process as easy on you as we can. We know you have a choice in your water damage restoration contractor of choice, and Ultimate Restoration is ready, able and willing to show you why we should be the only company you ever need to know. But don’t take our word for it. Click here to visit our testimonials page and see the reviews other customers have left about us!


Question: My home furnishings were damaged by a flood. Can they be restored? –Cathy, Cornelius, NC

Answer: In many cases, yes, they can. Like so many other things, this depends on several factors. Some materials are unsalvageable after even a light soaking, such as silk, while others can be immersed for hours and come out fine as long as they’re cleaned promptly, like upholstery and most curtain materials. Electronics can often be saved if they’re dried back correctly, but this will depend heavily on the type, make and model year of the electronics. A laptop computer may not fare as well as a plasma TV, for example. The only way to know for sure is to see the damage at firsthand, so we can properly evaluate it. Ultimate Restoration promises we’ll do everything we can to save everything possible, but we can’t guarantee a specific item will be okay without seeing it first.


Question: I Googled “water damage near me” and found Ultimate Restoration. What happens next? –Horace, Pineville, NC

Answer: If you’re looking for water damage contractors, you’re probably not doing it because you were tired of watching reruns! When you call Ultimate Restoration, our friendly, professional live dispatcher will ask you a few questions about the type of damage you’re dealing with, how long the problem has been going on, where the damage is, the size and contents of the affected area and get some basic insurance information. Once the dispatcher has this information, they’ll send a technician right away to assess the damage and start the cleanup process. We offer no-contact service, and our technicians always wear masks to help prevent passing or catching coronavirus and other seasonal nasties, but you will need to be around to answer the door and show the technician the problem area. Once that’s done, we’ll work out a game plan with you and get to work!


Emergency Water Damage Repair Huntersville and Charlotte Metro Trust!


When you have a water emergency, speed counts. For your water damage and other restoration needs, click here to contact Ultimate Restoration and get your home or business back to the way it was fast!




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