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Recently, Ultimate Restoration was called to the scene of a water emergency. A two-story house in Charlotte had a pipe burst in the laundry room, flooding his house and leaving the water running out the front door. Unfortunately, the customer was out of town for work, and it was around three days before anyone noticed the house was flooding. When he returned to his home, he knew he needed emergency water damage repair Charlotte can trust, fast! 

So he called Ultimate Restoration for water damage cleaning and restoration because of our 24/7 emergency cleanup and damage restoration services.

As soon as the cleanup crew arrived, our local team of certified technicians deployed fans and dehumidifiers to help facilitate water removal and dry out the area. Then we got to work assessing the damage so we could get started on the water damage restoration process as quickly as possible.

Jonny Lee, our lead technician, and supervisor on the disaster restoration project recalls: “There were crazy amounts of [mold] growth throughout the house. All the contents still have to be evaluated and cleaned, so we…manipulated and worked around them…”

The house sustained extensive damage due to the sheer volume and pressure of the water within the home. Much of the owner’s property, especially softer and upholstered furniture and cabinetry in the flood damage path were effectively destroyed. Significant areas of the walls had to be taken down to bare studs and completely rebuilt. Jonny says, “A lot of it’s already ruined, but some of the hard furniture can still be cleaned. The legs of the pool table he has were oxidized and began to rust. A lot of the house was gutted, and pretty much the whole thing was flooded throughout. All the vanities were removed, the cabinets on the lowers [the lower areas of the rooms where water infiltrated] were removed…”

We’re pleased to be able to report that as of this writing, the major restoration work is progressing nicely and we expect to have the home restored to its pre-disaster condition soon. Everything that can be salvaged and cleaned will be, and like we do with all major insurance companies, Ultimate Restoration is working proactively to deal with the homeowner and his insurance carrier, detailing and documenting all repairs and losses to make sure he’s properly and fairly compensated.

When asked what Ultimate Restoration does and how they do it better, Jonny said, “If somebody experiences a disaster, could be water damage, fire damage or just attic mold damage, significant or minor, we come in and we walk them through [the damage cleanup process] emotionally and physically. [We] guide them through the process, how to handle it, next steps and take care of it for them. Then we help them through the next process, whether it’s repairing or handling their contents or whatever it may be. We’ll clean their contents for them [at our warehouse].”

Jonny says what sets Ultimate Restoration apart from other Charlotte water damage restoration services is empathy. “We really try to relate to the homeowner and their needs. It’s easy for someone to just come to work and do whatever they’ve got to do to make a check, but for us, we take it really personal. We understand that although we’re going home to our house [at the end of the day], and nothing’s wrong with our house so we go home every night, people like this, you know, he’s going through something very significant and he’s not going to be living in this house for months due to this. And that’s really hard on them, so we take that pretty personal and try to always put them first and always keep them as a priority in that process.”

For years, Ultimate Restoration has been proudly serving Charlotte and the surrounding areas with cleanup, repair, and restoration services suited to home or business properties damaged by the unexpected, as well as the emergency water damage repair Charlotte relies on. 

We are Charlotte’s trusted damage restoration experts with a comprehensive menu of services which includes:

  • air duct cleaning
  • asbestos removal
  • biohazard and trauma
  • carpet cleaning
  • ceilings and walls
  • commercial mold removal
  • commercial water damage
  • damage cleanup
  • disinfection
  • fire and smoke damage
  • mold remediation services
  • mold removal
  • odor removal
  • professional property restoration
  • residential and commercial
  • sewage backup cleanup
  • storm damage
  • structural damage
  • water extraction
  • and much more!

To learn more about damage restoration Charlotte trusts and how Ultimate Restoration provides it, keep reading for our Frequently Asked Questions!


Frequently Asked Questions About Emergency Water Damage Repair Charlotte

Ultimate Restoration is here to help with honest information and fast response for all your disaster cleanup and repair needs!

Question: How do I know if my home or business has sustained water damage, fire damage, smoke damage, storm damage, mold growth or other natural or unexpected disasters? –Jennifer, Charlotte, NC

Answer: Sometimes the answer to this is pretty obvious. If you have a leaking ceiling, clear water or flood damage, easily visible mold growth, sitting or standing water or you’ve had pipes burst recently, then it’s a pretty safe bet that the building’s been damaged. Sometimes, the problem isn’t that self-evident. Many people don’t believe a small pinhole leak in a pipe or an electrical short can lead to major damage, but if it’s not dealt with quickly, it could become a serious health and safety hazard for you and the people you care about. You may just notice musty odors, a lingering taint of smoke or flaring allergies no matter how often or thoroughly you clean. If you notice these issues, you may have a serious problem in the offing and it needs to be addressed before it gets out of control!

Question: Do I make an insurance claim for my water damage issue? –Tad, Charlotte, NC

Answer: Yes! When you notice water damage, you should put in a claim for it as soon as possible. Your insurance company will probably send out an adjuster to evaluate the damage. If you retain Ultimate Restoration for your water damage repairs, we can work with you insurance carrier to evaluate the damage and assess what it will take to fix it so you can get your repairs dealt with quickly and get back to your regular life before the problem happened faster!

Question: Will my homeowner’s insurance cover water damage? –Douglas, Charlotte, NC

Answer:  In 2021, most national major insurances’ homeowners’ policies cover water damage and water restoration services to at least some degree. One of the most common problems homeowners encounter is not having their repairs done by a properly certified, licensed and bonded contractor. Most companies in Charlotte which deal with residential and commercial property damage restoration services do meet these requirements, but not all services which provide damage restoration in Charlotte are created equal. Ultimate Restoration is licensed, bonded and certified to perform residential, commercial and industrial restoration. In addition, we work with your insurance carrier to properly value the damage to your home and broken, lost or ruined belongings. We also provide the documentation and evidence you and your insurance adjuster need to help ensure your carrier will cover your losses.

Question: Should I test for mold? –Jason, Charlotte, NC

Answer: Mold can grow very quickly. Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to spot check for mold on a regular basis, especially in moist, dark areas where mold spores can flourish. In addition, you should make sure your HVAC technicians check the ducts and filters. If you notice a musty odor, especially after you clean, or an unusual uptick in allergic reactions or illness, especially with COVID-19 an ongoing threat, having your home checked for mold immediately is an excellent way to help ensure your home or office and the people who live and work there enjoy a clean environment which helps them stay safe and healthy.  

Question: What is black mold? –Karline, Charlotte, NC

Answer: Black mold is typically either black or a very dark green, although the difference typically isn’t obvious unless you expose it to a very bright light. Usually when people talk about black mold, they mean Stachybotrys chartarum, also known as S. atra. It grows in dark places and frequently shows up with or immediately after water damage events like toilet overflow or sewage backup occur. While this isn’t known to be any more dangerous or toxic than any other strain of mold, it is one of the faster-growing types and it is certainly not any less dangerous than most. If you think you have black mold, you should get the problem checked immediately before it can spread.

Question: How do you know your house has mold? –Charlie, Charlotte, NC

Answer: Common signs of a mold problem include:

  • Musty odors
  • Dark green or black discoloration around windows, on ceilings and walls and in damp places such as the laundry room, under sinks and near the water heater.
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Itchy, watery eyes
  • A sudden unexplained increase in illness or respiratory disorders
  • Irritability
  • Headaches
  • And more.

If you notice any of these issues, having a professional mold remediations service test for mold can help eliminate mold growth and the damage mold can cause to both the structure and your health before it becomes a serious problem.

Question: What’s the difference between mold removal and mold remediation? –Rose, Charlotte, NC

Answer: The difference is subtle but important, although the terms are used interchangeably. Mold remediation involves treating mold to curtail growth and bring it to natural background levels, while mold removal requires the complete removal of all mold spores from the area. Mold remediations can usually be employed early, such as immediately after a water emergency when the water is cleaned up promptly and the residual effects are dealt with. Mold removal is a more extensive operation which may require a complete board up and tarping of the affected area to properly treat the mold and completely eliminate it. Whether you need mold remediation or mold removal services, you need to act quickly when you detect mold to keep it from getting worse!

Question: Why should I choose Ultimate Restoration Charlotte for my water damage needs? –Brinley, Charlotte, NC

Answer: We have the experience, skills and professional knowledge to help you with all your restoration needs, no matter how small or large and no matter what the cause. Whether it’s electrical damage from a lightning storm or trauma cleanup after a horrible accident, Ultimate Restoration is here to help you get back to normal as fast as possible, while treating you, your family and your possessions with the utmost respect care, understanding and empathy for the memories you’ve built. We’re committed to doing whatever it takes and going above and beyond simply swapping out some boards, slapping on some paint and sending you an invoice. When you need damage restoration services Charlotte residents trust, no matter the cause, reason or time of day, Ultimate Restoration has your back. Click here to contact us for all your restoration and cleanup needs today!




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