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When you’re in the middle of the kind of emergency or disaster cleanup that demands you call in a restoration contractor, the last thing you should have to do is hope they’re up to the job. You should be able to expect they will arrive quickly, get to work fast, and do the job right, but that’s clearing the lowest possible bar. What an experienced disaster mitigation and restoration company WON’T do often says more about them and the kind of service you can expect than what they WILL do. Here are five things an experienced, honest, reputable restoration contractor like Ultimate Restoration WON’T do!


1. Say, “It’s not as bad as it looks!”


For most people, comforting a fellow human in distress is instinctive. There’s nothing wrong with showing empathy, understanding, or appreciation for the stress, fear, pain, and even grief they’re feeling. However, an experienced disaster cleanup service knows how to convey bad news with honesty and tact, how to comfort without evasion, and how to reassure without resorting to “little white lies”—also known in social and psychological circles as “gaslighting.” At Ultimate Restoration, the only time we say, “It’s not as bad as it looks,” is when the damage truly isn’t as severe as it appears. When we do, we back it up with concrete evidence so the property owner or tenant knows they’re getting nothing but the unvarnished truth.


2. Lowball the estimate.


The practice of putting in an intentionally low estimate to get the job is even shadier than well-intentioned gaslighting. Some contractors will intentionally lowball an estimate to get a bid in, but then they add insult to injury for the customer by trying to nickel and dime the tenant or property owner with “extras,” “add-ons,” or “unexpected but essential materials and labor.” To be fair, sometimes hidden issues and concealed damage show up during the work itself, and there’s nothing even the best restoration contractor can do about that. However, if the initial bid seems too good (read: too low) to be true, it probably is. Don’t be afraid to ask the estimator to break down the bill line by line, if necessary. If they balk, start acting nervous, say they’re running late for another job, or something just feels “off,” this behavior should raise alarms. After all, any contractor who doesn’t have time to talk to you about the estimate is unlikely to have the time to do the job properly—but they’ll find plenty of time to take every penny of your money they can get and run!


3. Take their time.


There’s a world of difference between doing the job correctly, safely, and with due care and milking the clock for a little extra padding in the old paycheck. Depending on the cause of the damage and the kind of restoration required, every passing minute increases the danger that you may lose some or all your cherished possessions to smoke, water, or fire damage. A restoration specialist who’s more worried about watching the clock count down to their next break than taking care of your environment and belongings isn’t one you need caring for your valuable and irreplaceable possessions and memories!    


4. Use just any old material or color.


“Black lacquer is black lacquer, right?” WRONG! The entire point of restoration work is to, well, RESTORE your space and everything in it to pre-emergency condition, or as close to “everything” as possible with modern science and technology. This means not skimping, cutting corners, or making unnecessary substitutions. Sometimes this can’t be helped because a given exotic material isn’t available on the market or for some other reason, but if it’s out of the restoration contractor’s hands, it’s the contractor’s job to let you know the situation, what the available proposed fixes or workarounds are, and place the final decision in your hands. While you can’t control the global supply of authentic vintage black Okinawan lacquer, you should certainly have the power to decide how, or if, the damaged cabinet that’s become a family heirloom over four generations is restored by your restoration contractor!  


5. Refuse to stand behind their work.

There is only one acceptable answer to the question, “Do you guarantee your work?”—an unqualified “Yes, we do.” If you’ve got a restoration contractor who’s already lied to you about how bad the damage is, tried clever accounting tricks to pad the bill, slowed down the work to speed up the subjective time between breaks or the end of the workday, and tried to claim whatever they happen to have in the truck is just as good as the materials or paints you need to get your life back to normal, it’s probably unwise to expect too much from any “guarantee” they offer. You definitely shouldn’t hold your breath waiting for them to honor its terms!

Thankfully, most restoration contractors don’t work like the fictional ones we depicted here!

They’re hardworking, experienced, conscientious, and they understand that while to them restoring your space is just a job, it’s much more to you. It’s your life, your livelihood, and your safe, comfortable haven away from the world. The odds truly are in your favor here, to misquote The Hunger Games—but how can you be sure you won’t get one of the OTHER kind?

Ultimate Restoration is proud to serve Mooresville, Lake Norman, and the greater Charlotte metro area with reliable restoration and emergency cleanup services backed by the stellar reputation, outstanding industry-leading guarantee, and the fast, friendly, efficient, effective service the Ultimate brand is known for in these parts. 

Our complete menu of damage cleanup and restoration services for residential and commercial properties includes:

  • Water damage
  • Fire damage
  • Smoke damage
  • Flooding damage
  • Smoke damage
  • Mold remediation
  • Storm damage
  • And much more!

We’re available 24/7/365, so whenever you need an experienced emergency restoration contractor, we can get to your location quickly. We give you an honest evaluation of the situation and a repair estimate which includes both money and time because we want you to be able to get back to a life you can recognize as normal as quickly as possible. We’ll even work with your property insurance carrier to help facilitate your claim. And of course, we work fast without compromising on quality. 

All this top-tier customer service can only come from one Charlotte restoration contractor: Ultimate Restoration!


To learn more about how we can help you regain control and take back your life and your safe space after an accident, emergency, or disaster, with professional restoration services at a fair price that’s probably less than you might expect, click here to contact Ultimate Restoration or call 1-866-207-3786 for the Ultimate Restoration location near you today!


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