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Ultimate Restoration is ready to assist you with your water damage restoration Pineville NC, metro area homes and business trust. 


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Emergencies don’t wait for normal business hours, and when one occurs, you need it fixed fast! Ultimate Restoration and our locally owned and operated sister company, Ultimate Plumbing, are here to help day or night in the event your home or business experience Pineville water damage, mold, fire or smoke issues, and more. 

Our certified technicians serve the Pineville, NC and Greater Lake Norman area with water damage repair and other services including:

  • residential and commercial mold remediations
  • storm damage repair
  • water extraction
  • property restoration
  • fire restoration
  • professional water damage cleanup
  • biohazard cleanup and restoration
  • smoke damage restoration
  • flood damage repair
  • carpet cleaning
  • crawl space cleaning and restoration
  • crime scene and emergency restoration
  • and more!

  • If your home or business is suffering a water damage issue and needs emergency water damage repair
  • Mold remediation
  • Water damage restoration
  • Flood cleanup
  • Storm damage repair

Call Ultimate Restoration at (866) 207-3786, 24/7/365 and allow us to help you get your residential or commercial property restoration back to normal.


We understand emergency repairs can be stressful for both your immediate occupancy situation and your budget in the long term. 

We take care of our customer needs by working with major insurance companies’ homeowner policies to get the Pineville NC water damage restoration services you need, fast! 

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and exceptional customer service at every step of the process, from your first phone call to the last time our personnel leaves the site. But don’t take our word for it. Check out our Better Business Bureau rating and comments from our satisfied clients for yourself!

Water Damage Restoration Pineville NC Residential and Commercial Restoration


Many damage restoration services only work to manage immediate water damage. This surface-level flooding restoration may include H2O drying solutions, industrial fans, basic odor control, carpet cleaning, and maybe a fresh coat of paint. 

They do not look beneath the surface to achieve proactive mold remediation and damage to the foundations, for example. 

They also won’t check the sewer lines for potential back up into the bathroom, which could leave you with subsequent sewage cleanup to deal with on top of the original quote price.

The problem is, without specialized care, commercial water damage can lead to mold around the crawl space, basement, bathrooms, and even the walls. 

Once this happens, mold remediation services are needed to prevent the mold from undermining the health and safety of your business or home. This sticks you with another fee for mold removal after the fact, with no certainty the problem isn’t still hanging around, waiting for a chance to erupt again and leading to mold damage which could literally mean the end of your home or business.

Ultimate Restoration deals with fire and water damage restoration in Pineville NC, differently. 

We’re not a national franchise, but a locally owned and operated hometown business located in Pineville NC. Unlike a cut-rate professional water damage company serving the area from Pineville to Fort Mill, Ultimate Restoration’s certified technicians get to work immediately on our clients’ cleanup and restoration projects. Our commercial cleaning protocols are suitable for projects from flooding in the garden in Pineville to a crime scene and biohazard cleanup in Rock Hill to smoke damage restoration in Pineville to water damage in Pineville. We respond quickly and get to work fast on each new project. 

Our detailed quality checklist is designed to catch items a handyman, novice plumbers and other companies marketing themselves as dealing with the restoration of damage in Pineville may miss, ignore, or not factor into their customer service, including:

  • commercial mold remediation
  • fire damage restoration
  • duct cleaning
  • cooling, heat pump and ac repair
  • checking the electrical system to make sure it works safely and properly
  • water extraction
  • trauma cleanup
  • and much, much more!

We also work with insurance companies’ homeowner policies to finish the repairs and restore your home or office to better than new and occupancy-ready, in a way that is easy on your budget. 

It’s this care and attention to detail and customer service which provides our customers peace of mind and has made Ultimate Restoration one of the most respected residential and commercial restoration companies in Pineville metro. Our overall customer satisfaction, BBB rating, and rave Facebook reviews speak loudly to our reputation as the restoration experts Pineville knows and trusts!


Water Damage Restoration Pineville and the Surrounding Area Can Rely On

No one ever sits up in the middle of the night and starts to think, “Wow, today would be a great day to need water damage cleanup and fire restoration services!” 

Everyone has busy lives and things to do, from keeping their families safe and secure in the middle of a pandemic to grappling with the new realities of an increasingly contactless world and how that affects their career. No one needs one more thing, and having to search for a water damage company at 3 am after a fire, water or other emergency is the last thing anyone ever wanted in the middle of everything else.

From Concord, NC 28205 to Pineville, NC 28134 and beyond, Ultimate Restoration leads your zip code as the restoration industry as the restoration contractors Pineville believes in. 

We don’t just stop at the improvement of the problem. At Ultimate Restoration, this company believes the problem needs to be fixed once and for all, along with all the carry-on effects. The careers our company offers are reserved for those who always deliver their best, from flood restoration, fire damage, and mold remediation to water damage Pineville needs to have dealt with as quickly as possible.

We’re available 24/7 to repair whatever our customers need, including water damage, fire damage, storm, flood, and other disaster and emergency damage. 

Even better, we have the Better Business Bureau ratings and reviews to prove it. Our fire, water, storm, and mold management have made us the go-to solution for restoration in Pineville. 

When you need water restoration, fire damage or mold control, you need Ultimate Restoration!


Ultimate Restoration offers other cleanup and repair services such as:

  • heating, cooling, and ac repair
  • electrical damage cleanup and repair
  • duct cleaning
  • trauma cleanup
  • sewage cleanup
  • H2O drying solutions
  • Interior and exterior cleaning and restoration
  • And more!

We recommend to call us immediately at the first sign of potential flooding damage or other issues. 

Our friendly, professional, experienced staff are here to help you any time of the day or night, no matter how small or large the issue is. We also offer mold inspection and mold remediation services, to make sure a natural disaster or other damage event doesn’t evolve into a year-long problem that could compromise the health and safety of your family or office staff. We place your safety above all else, which is why among Pineville restoration companies, we are the one more local’s trust to get their buildings and lives back to normal after traumatic events. Check out the FAQ below to learn more!


Frequently Asked Questions about Ultimate Restoration’s water damage restoration Pineville knows and trusts!


Question: Can I add water damage coverage to my existing homeowners’ insurance policy? –Michael, Denver, NC


Answer: Many insurance companies provide water damage coverage as an integral part of your coverage. However, some do not. They may require you to purchase additional coverage or obtain what is known as a rider, attaching water damage and related coverage to your policy. We strongly urge all homeowners and commercial property owners and managers to check with their carriers regularly, because you don’t want to find out you’re not covered when a water damage event occurs!


Question: How much will water restoration cost? –Jocelyn, Fort Mill, NC

Answer: How much water restoration costs depend on several factors including the root cause of the damage, how much damage is present, how extensive or spread out through the structure it is, and whether there are follow-on effects from the damage. It will cost less to restore one damaged wall in one single room than a burst pipe which affects multiple rooms. However, the quicker you can get emergency restoration technicians like the ones Ultimate Restoration has on staff to your home or business, the less expensive it is likely to be because we can take steps to contain the damage and prevent it from getting any worse.


Question: Can you make an insurance claim on your water damage? Jake, Mooresville, NC

Answer: If your insurance carrier’s homeowner’s policy has a water damage clause or rider, yes. For some companies, this is standard practice. For others, you may need to purchase it as an addition to your base coverage. Ultimate Restoration works with most major insurance companies to help you get things back to normal as fast as possible, with the minimum disruption to your life and your bank account.


Question: Why should I choose Ultimate Restoration Pineville for my water damage needs? Miranda, Hickory, NC

Answer: Unlike some Pineville restoration contractors, Ultimate Restoration Pineville offers full-service emergency restoration. We are skilled in dealing with wind, fire, smoke, water, mold and other disasters, and we serve households and businesses all over the Pineville metro area. Also, we work with your insurance company to minimize the time it takes to get you back to normal. Our professional, friendly technicians practice social distancing and contactless repair, to minimize the risk of COVID-19 and another infectious disease transmission while we move fast to fix the problem and restore your environment to the safe, comforting haven it should be.


Question: How can I tell if my home may have been compromised by water damage, fire damage, storm damage, mold growth, or other natural disasters? –Lucas, Mooresville, NC


Answer: In many cases, it will be obvious, as with the aftermath of a fire. If you find sewage in your basement, water leaks, or damp spots where there shouldn’t be any, these are usually strong hints. You may also notice a musty smell, discoloration, or other indications. After a storm, you may notice missing roof shingles or siding damage. If you see any of these signs, you should call Ultimate Restoration immediately for a mold inspection and general evaluation of the property. It’s easier to fix a problem if it’s detected early than it is to undertake complete structural mold remediation, for example. Plus, the longer these problems go unaddressed, the more likely it is the damage can spread, gambling with the safety and health of the people who live and work there. If you think there might be a problem, you’re probably right—and Ultimate Restoration needs to be your first call to get it under control before a minor issue becomes a major disaster!



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